Saturday, June 21, 2008

Results Of Saturday's Work Session At McCormick Woods

Six volunteers showed up to get the trail back in order for riding. The storm last Sunday left several trees blocking the trail plus loads of small derailler busting sticks on the trail. The three trees were removed using a chainsaw and the forth being so big required rerouting the trail to get around it. Using weed eaters we were able to remove the nettles and poison oak which was creeping into the trail plus large pruners were used to remove encroaching branches. The sticks and limbs were removed and some raking took place. All in all we had a successful day and the trail is now fully open and very rideable.
Pictured above: Jason Pruitt, Vicki Albitz, Charlie Myer, Phyllis Myer, Tyler Johnson, Tom Albitz. 

If you haven't visited the parks this year we encourage you to check it out. In the one year that HMBA members have been working on the trail we have nearly doubled the trail and significantly improved the condition of most of the original trails.

Suggested route for riding McCormick's 3.6 miles of trail:

Enter the park from Cherry Lane and turn right onto the outer loop.
Follow this along the West side of the woods crossing a small bridge then on to the Southwest side.
From the there the trail meanders around and ends up at the center bridge 0.76 miles
Take the trail to the right and make a right turn at the Y, 0.9 miles.
This trail takes you around the Southeast section of the woods through twisty trail and along the ravine.
The trail comes back to the main trail near the big tree, 1.25 miles
Make a right turn and follow the trail down the narrow ravine then back up and along the East section of the woods , later the trail drops back into the creek valley then follows along the North side of the woods back to the entrance. 1.9 miles total.

The inner loop (more technical) begins from the entrance but this time goes to the left. A short distance down the trail make a right at the Y.
This trail takes you across a deep ravine via a bridge then on into the center passing over two small bridges / ravines. Several log crossing, some more technical than others will take you to an armored crossing of the ravine then on into the North center section. Again there are several log crossings as the trail meanders ending up at the center bridge, 1.5 miles. From here take a right to head back to the park entrance. 1.6 miles total.