Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trailbuilding day at Tippecanoe Amphitheater - Saturday June 27

Many thanks to everyone who came out to help build trail today at the amphitheater. We had 4 teams of trailbuilders, and we accomplished lots of benching and concealment of exposed soil. We currently have about 1 mile of completed trail, but the work continues. Stay tuned for next month's trail session (on a Saturday near the end of July).
Thanks to Arni's for providing much-needed pizzas for lunch. We really appreciate the donation!

Above - front to back: Lobo supervises while Matt Hardebeck and Eric McNelley finish up a section of trail.

Below - front to back: Tyler, Jeff Nisen and Jeff Heasley rough out the trail tread.

Below - Our trailbuilding group for the day - left to right:
Jane Sellers, Cristyn Elder, Vicki Albitz, Tyler Johnson, Eric McNelley, Matt Hardebeck, Molly Gillam, Lobo, Jeff Heasley, Jeff Nisen, Tom Albitz, John Stewart

Not pictured but also helped:
Duane Sellers, Charlie Myer, Phyllis Myer

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