Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trail conditions

Mccormick Woods remains soggy, especially the SW corner, please wait until the sign at the trail head 'Trail Closed' to be removed by the trail steward, John Steward. John could also use help adding additional trail just past the culvert.

Ampitheater Trail, is wet in some spots, please wait until 24 hours past end of rainfall to allow the trail to dry. Trail work, additional trail, continues every Thursday 9 - noon at the LP tank trailhead.


Tom Albitz, Bob Haan, Tyler Johnson, John Stewart said...

Amphitheater trail is in excellant riding condition. A new section has opened adding another half mile of trails, come check it out! to get to the new section go through the concrete foundation about (0.8 mile)on the lower half of the trail continue to bear right. The new section will connect to the established trail near the pine trees/rubbish pile on Burnett's creek. The new section will be bumpy until the tread is packed down. Tom A.

Tom Albitz, Bob Haan, Tyler Johnson, John Stewart said...

McCormick Woods is now ridable, there are a few sticky spots.